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People who inspire us

Jodie Sinclair - www.ssequbalancedhorse.net

Peter Campbell - www.willingpartners.com

Frank Bell - www.horsewhisperer.com

Steve Sikora - www.ssequinetraining.com

Dan Sumerel - www.sumereltraining.com

Carolyn Resnick - www.carolynresnickblog.com

GaWaNi Pony Boy - www.ponyboy.com

Sheila Ryan - www.horsecommunications.com

Products and practices we love

Double D Trailers - www.doubledtrailers.com
Look for us on the Double D Trailers Horse Rescue Corner database. They have great Horse Trailers with Living Quarters for sale!

Dr. Robert Cook's Bitless Bridle - www.bitlessbridle.com
A more humane method for controlling the horse that is kinder, safer, and more effective than the bit.

The Institute of Equine Podiatry - www.equinepodiatry.net
Teaches the natural, holistic alternative to traditional ferrier practices.

Riders Rasp - www.ridersrasp.com
A great product and super customer service - really helps with all the hoof trims we do here!

Trattoria Simpatico - www.trattoriasimpatico.com
Horse Play's favorite restaurant! Phyllis, Fran and the staff do a phenomenal job - and they love animals too!

Horse advocates and friends